Where can I buy Frylight?

Frylight sprays are available in all major supermarkets in the UK and Ireland. For specific stockists please contact our Consumer Care Team.

What variants are available?

We have several products: Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Butter Flavour, Garlic Oil, BBQ & Grill and Chilli Oil. All are 1 calorie per spray, vegan and contain no artificial ingredients. Check out our full range here.

Please note that BBQ & Grill and Chilli Oil are only distributed at certain times of the year. Please get in touch if you would like more information.

What are Frylight ingredients?

Frylight is made up of oil, water, sunflower lecithin (emulsifier), xanthan gum (thickener), natural flavourings and sugar beet or grain alcohol (helps preserve the product but evaporates away during cooking).

For more information about Frylight ingredients, please click here.

Does Frylight contain chemicals?

No, Frylight contains no artificial ingredients. All of the ingredients start life on the farm (except for water!).

Can I use all Frylight variants for different types of cooking?

Yes! All Frylight cooking sprays are suitable for frying, roasting, grilling and baking. For optimal performance we recommend Sunflower for frying, Olive and Rapeseed for roasting, Coconut for stir fries/curries and Butter for baking.

Can I use Frylight to replace any other cooking oil?

Yes, using Frylight in your cooking replaces the need for any other cooking oil and can replace approx. 120 calories (compared to a tablespoon of cooking oil).

How many sprays do I need to cook with?

We recommend using at least 5-10 sprays to cover the surface of an average frying pan, however you may need to add more during cooking depending on the food type.

Should I keep Frylight in the fridge?

No. As oils solidify when kept at a cool temperature, Frylight should be kept out of the fridge and away from light at room temperature.

Does Frylight contain alcohol?

Yes - we use a small amount of alcohol in our cooking sprays as a preservative, made from sugar beets or grain and water. The alcohol evaporates away during cooking and is undetectable under scientific testing.

Is Frylight suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Yes, none of our Frylight sprays contain animal or dairy products. The Butter variety contains natural butter flavouring from a non-dairy source.

Is Frylight gluten free?

Yes, Frylight can be used by those who are intolerant to gluten including celiacs. 

What is the best way to clean my cookware after using Frylight?

We recommend that all cookware is washed by hand in hot soapy water straight after cooking. Many non-stick pans claim to be dishwasher safe, but the very hot water and harsh detergents aren't good for the non-stick coating. Over time this will cause the pan's coating to deteriorate much faster than washing by hand. Learn more about how to use Frylight sprays.

The product comes out in a creamy colour, why is this?

Frylight is an emulsion and is cream in colour.

My pump has stopped working, what should I do?

When first used, the spray pump must be primed before it will spray. This could take up to 10 finger pumps. If the spray still doesn’t work, please contact our Consumer Care Team. If the spray stops working after some time try turning the spray head button to face in the opposite direction and try again. If this fails, please contact our Consumer Care Team.

My Coconut Frylight won't spray, what shall I do?

As coconut oil is naturally solid below normal room temperature, during the winter months our Coconut spray can sometimes feels the cold! To prevent it from starting to solidify, and therefore not spray, we recommend you keep your Coconut Frylight near a warm place such as a radiator for 20-30 minutes before use. This will ensure it is not lumpy. Just give it a good shake and it should spray as normal. If this fails, please contact our Consumer Care Team.

Can I use Frylight in baking?

Yes, Frylight is perfect for cake and bake release. Simply spray on the inside of your cake tins before adding the batter to give excellent turn out results - our Butter spray works a treat! You can also spray flat baking trays to prevent biscuits from sticking.

We don't suggest using Frylight as a replacement for fat ingredients when making cakes and bakes.

What else can I use Frylight for?

For tips on how to use your Frylight beyond frying, please click here.

What temperature should I cook at using Frylight?

In accordance with most pan manufacturers' recommendations, we suggest using Frylight sprays at a medium heat.