Bangers and Mash

per serving

Serves 1

We've teamed up with fitness coach and influencer Graeme Tomlinson to launch #CaloriesUncovered, a campaign demonstrating that small changes can help Brits take control of their cooking - and their waistlines.

Graeme, better known as The Fitness Chef, has redeveloped ten of the UK's favourite meals including the ultimate Bangers and Mash. With a few simple yet tasty swaps, you can save over half the number of calories!


35 mins



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Nutritional Information

43g protein, 36 carbs, 5g fat


3 chicken sausages

10 sprays Frylight Garlic Oil spray

75g mashed carrot

75g mashed swede

75g mashed parsnip

100g 0% fat Greek yogurt

Salt and pepper


  1. Preheat the oven before placing chicken sausages on a foiled tray and cooking for 35 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, bring to boil the carrot, swede and parsnip before draining.
  3. Mash the vegetables with Frylight Garlic Oil spray, Greek yogurt and seasoning before serving with the cooked sausages.

Calorie Saving

  • 3 pork sausages for 3 chicken sausages
  • 50ml cream for 100g 0% Greek yogurt
  • Potatoes for carrot, swede and parsnips
  • 10g butter and garlic for 10 sprays Frylight Garlic Oil spray